Roots Time

“As a follow-up to her magnificent album ‘As Eli’, the latest release ‘Xo’ from Elías Elena Krell is once again offering an excellent blend of pop, folk, blues and jazzy songs. This has here been translated in eleven catchy tunes, of which she herself has written nine tracks and the other two are carefully selected cover versions of truly great songs.” –Roots Time

Fatea Records

“Not a lady to be pigeon holed!” –Fatea Records

Marino Serdons (Keys & Chords)

“A singer-songwriter at her best… How honest and beautiful can someone play and sing. A delightful listening to her sensitive voice!” -Marino Serdons (Keys & Chords)

Keys and Chords

“Krell’s warm and versatile voice sparkles in both the folk, pop and Latin American songs. Nice and enjoyable album.” –Keys and Chords

Music that Needs Attention

“They would not be out of place at the annual Antillean parties in the Belgian Hoogstraten, the biggest festival in Europe in Latin American music. In a short time, As Eli has become very dear to me.” –Music That Needs Attention

Radio I.S.A. France

“​A musical melting pot… Unforgettable songs and melodies.” -Radio I.S.A. France

Belgium Roots Music Journal

“Very refreshing and is highly recommended if you are looking for half an hour of pure musical joy.” -Belgium Roots Music Journal